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How To Make Knitting Needles

You have overlooked how quickly your little girl grew up. And following her mother, she began to be interested ever more and more in all things concerning handicraft. She got around to the yarn and knitting needles as well. And at once, she asks many questions of "how" and "why". And you start to teach your tot to cast on and to make a simple garter stitch.

However, it is completely uncomfortable for your little girl to hold shallow stocking knitting needles or heavy huge metal knitting needles with her tiny fingers. In addition, metal knitting needles are dangerous. There is a solution to this problem– you should make child knitting needles from wood on your own. They are light, comfortable and completely not sharp and therefore, even safe.

You will require the following:

  • wooden sticks as workpieces or a single, but long one, which is not less than 80 cm long and of approximately 5-6 mm in diameter;
  • two large beads with a coarse internal opening;
  • a pencil sharpener;
  • sandpaper;
  • wood adhesive;
  • a sharp knife;
  • a saw;
  • a pencil;
  • a ruler;

Go for it then!

1. The knitting needles made in this master class are of 22 cm long. Measure the necessary length on the stick (s), draw out with the pencil and cut with the saw. You should get two sticks equal in their length.

2. Measure out 5 mm from one end, mark it and sharpen in order to put on a bead.

The bead must be put on very firmly in order not to let them fall while waving movements accompanying the process of knitting. Stick it down for a better durability.

3. Use the pencil sharpener to sharpen the other end.

4. Bark knitting needles with the help of sandpaper.

The knitting needles for your small seamstress are ready!


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