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How to knit a micro sweater

Below you will find how to knit a micro sweater (for a doll or teddy). Use woolen or semi-woolen yarn and needles of 2,5-3 mm.

Knit circular knitting, seamless.

Gain 48 loops and knit 4 rows of ribbing with needles.

After ribbing is ready continue to knit stich - 17 rows. 

Firstly we need to calculate how many loops to add during knitting of a sleeve. Measure your wrist and peripheral of your hand on the level of an armhole. Convert these measurements from centimeters to quantity of loops. Then from quantity of loops near the armhole abstract quantity of loops at the wrist to receive quantity of loops which need to be added to extend the sleeve.

Calculate how many rows you should knit from ribbing to beginning of an armhole (on example of our sweater). This quantity of rows should be divided on quantity of loops which should be added.  So that we find out in which rows we should add the loops).

Gain 14 loops for sleeve and knit four rows of ribbing 1×1 cm.  Then you should knit stitch 21 rows, adding 1 sts in first, 11th, 16th and 21st rows (finally should be 18 loops).

Continue knitting from the left side of a back to a first sleeve (it will be a left sleeve in a sweater). Then, knit loops of the front side to the second (right) sleeve. Knit the loops of a right sleeve and knit the loops of a back till you reach a place where back links the right sleeve.  After the linking row, knit one more row without decrease of loops.

  Start to reduce the loops at the third row from the place where sleeves connected to the main parts of a sweater. Fourth row: knit without loop decrease and continue to decrease the loops in every odd row. Knit till the row where back neck starts.

You can do this by using a Kitchener stitch.

Enjoy your cute warm sweater!

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