Spring table serving DIY

Spring is here! And if you want to make your mood even better or if you’re planning to host some guest – here’s a list of an incredible fresh and romantic ideas for table serving which you can make handmade!

First start with defining the main color of your table. It can be based on colors of your dishes, the color of your meal or the color of your tablecloth. Remember that the major objects which will help you to create a spring mood on your table are flowers and napkins. So if you know exactly what color will be the basic one, from that point you can choose your flowers and napkins.

For spring theme really nice will be looking the mix of light green and yellow, blue and yellow or white, all shades of green, some pink details. Mix of white and brown creates some yard style, also common for spring.

As for flowers, it will be better if there’s no more than 3 types of flowers and they are not very different in colors and sizes. The bigger is your table – the taller flowers you need. Big and lush bouquet is not really good idea for a small table for 4 persons.

As for napkins here you can see whole instruction how to make an interesting original and beautiful napkins handmade. Napkins in form of pockets can be used for holding forks and knives or fresh herbs.

Napkins in interesting form will definitely bring spring atmosphere to your home!

For romantic evening you can choose DIY napkins in form of heart.

Whatever you will choose, serving your table with care, love and nice frame of mind will make it beautiful and pleasant for your guest! Wishing you good evening!


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