Jordan Harvey

How To Knit A Heart

How to knit a heart with knitting needles. On Saint Valentine’s Day people that are in love with each other give souvenirs to each other in the form of a heart. The reason for doing so is that heart is a symbol of their love. Still, there is a desire for the present to have not only a symbolical meaning, but also for it to be useful for a person to whom it is given. For example, it may be a cushion made in the form of a heart. This present will be priceless if you make it with your own hands.

We’ll need:

  • 3 knitting needles (or 2 knitting needles and a pin);
  • a needle;
  • threads;
  • a piece of foam rubber (it may be used as a stuffing);
  • scissors.

We make 40 chain stitches.

We knit the lower part of the heart in the form of an elastic band 2x2. The number of rows may be different. The number of the rows influences the way the lower part of the heart will look.

Now, we knit 20 stitches and forget for some time about other 20 stitches. We knit 7-10 rows up.

We finish and cut off the thread. Now, we get to those 20 stitches we have forgotten about. We connect the thread and knit the same way.

This way we have separated our canvas in two halves.

Knit 2 similar elements.

Now, we take foam rubber and cut out a heart. The heart should be of the same size as the elements together are. You may use a simple stuffing instead of the foam rubber.

Take the threads you used for knitting. Using a needle, stitch the lower part of the heart and turn the article out.

Then, stitch the upper parts.

Stitch a decorative element to the article and your heart is ready.


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