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How To Knit A Shawl

It is probably nothing more pleasant that to wrap around yourself a warm shawl on a cold winter evening and enjoy reading a book or watching a favourite TV show. If the shawl has been created by yourself, then it will be twice more pleasant to put it on. In this master class, we’ll tell you how to knit a shawl that will be a unique and elegant winter accessory with knitting needles.

In order to create a patterned shawl you’ll need:

  • approximately 400g. of sock or thin yarn;
  • circular knitting needles. The size is 3. 5 – 4 mm. (you need to keep in mind that the thicker are the needles the more yarn you’ll need);
  • a crayon;
  • a hook (you’ll need it to cast off the chain of stitches once the work is finished);
  • pins.


Now we’ll tell you how to crochet this simple shawl with knitting needles in a more detailed way:

1. Cast on stitches according to any technique of casting on invisible stitches.

2. Decrease the first stitch and knit the rest 2. Repeat this row 5 more times. Pay attention to the fact that you need to decrease the first stitch rather freely.

3. Turn over the article. Make 3 more stitches along the edge and 3 invisible ones. All in all there should be 9 stitches. The first and the last sets of 3 stitches are crocheted according to a garter stitch technique. They make a side hem.

4. Put the crayon on the central stitch of the row.

5. Crochet the shawl with knitting needles according to the scheme “A”. There is only one half of the shawl given on the scheme.

6. Once you crochet the necessary number of rows, go on to the scheme “B”. There is the other half of the article given on it.

7. Once you crochet the last row, you may start casting off. In order to do it you need to crochet 4 knitwise stitches together. Then, you crochet 6 loops and crochet the following 3 knitwise again. After that, you cast off the first stitch: get it over the last crocheted stitch. Then, once again, crochet 6 loops and repeat the actions we’ve already spoken about. You need to do it the necessary number of times. Pay attention to the fact that you need to crochet 4 stitches together only when you are casting off the hem stitches in the beginning and the end of a row.

8. Now, you need to block the shawl created with knitting needles. In order to do it you need to wet the shawl and stretch it out on a horizontal surface. You fasten the shawl along its perimeter with the help of pins.

A “Haruni” shawl is ready!


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