Kathryn Bates

How To Sew A Quilted Bag

A beautiful quilted bag will make a perfect accessory to casual clothes. On the one hand, it is simple, and on the other hand, its quilted design makes it stylish and unusual.

You will need:

  • Leather (in my case faux leather) 0.25 * 1.30 m (10x51’);
  • Polyester padding 0.4 * 0.4 m (16x16’);
  • Lining fabric 0.3 * 0.5 m (12x20’);
  • Decorative chains;
  • Magnets for bags;
  • Leather ribbons 4 m;
  • Superglue, cardboard;
  • Thread, scissors and other tools for sewing.

First, we need to make a quilted fabric. To do this, sew together leather and polyester padding with large stitch using your sewing machine.

It should look like:

Cut out paper templates. I have the bag 30 * 20 cm (12x8’).

Using paper templates cut the details out of leather + strip 70 * 4 cm (27.5x1.5’) for the bag’s side:

Sew all the details together:

Sew straps with rings to the bag’s sides and your bag is finished.


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