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How To Sew Sequins

How To Decorate A Simple Singlet Or A Dress?

Of course, you can do that if you add a bit of shine to them! However, it’s not that simple. Do you know how to sew sequins with the help of your hands so that they are tightly fastened and are sewn on one level with each other? You’d better spend some time on sort every detail of the process out so that not to do the work twice.

For your work you’ll need:

  • Sequins;
  • Beads;
  • A thin needle;
  • A strong thread. You should choose its colour not in accordance with the colour of the cloth but in accordance with the colour of the sequins. Sometimes, a transparent nylon thread is used;
  • A piece of cloth (it will be the base of your article.) In our case, we use felt;
  • Scissors;
  • A crayon for the cloth. If you need to stitch the sequins according to a certain order, then, you’d better mark the outline of the pattern at first;
  • A fastener for the brooch (if you wish).

Master Class

You may stitch the sequins in 2 basic ways: with a bead or without. We’ll show you how to do it both ways. Our beautiful brooch made of felt will serve as an example.

1. Fasten the thread with the help of a knot on the wrong side. On the picture, there is a very big knot so that you can see it.

2. Get the needle to the face side. Thread it through a bead and a sequin.

You’ll get a loop that will fasten both of the elements on their place.

3. Pull the thread on and, once again, make a knot on the wrong side. This way each sequin will be fastened separately. Consequently, if the thread tears somewhere while the article is being worn or washed, all other sequins won’t fall off because of it.

4. Now, we need to fasten a decorative element without any bead. Get the needle to the face side, put a sequin on it and make a stitch from the center to the edge.

Do it once again. If you don’t do it, the circle will be shifting. In order to be on the safe side make 3 stitches.

5. Now, we cover the whole free space with sequins, make one more heart that will be on the wrong side and stitch a fastener to the article. Then, we may assemble the brooch.


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