Melanie Gray

How To Make Tattoo Ink

As a rule, tattoo masters buy already ready inks. However some of them are engaged in mixing of tattoo pigments independently. It allows to receive unusual shades, and also to improve certain properties of pigments. Besides, such an approach gives the chance to decide what solvent to use. In house conditions most often the mix is made consisting of vodka, propylene glycol and glycerin in different proportions.

Your Actions

Try to find alternative. Though it works, these are not 100% safely!

Take a pure fire-resistant bowl.

Take white paper (better biodegradable).

Burn paper in a bowl and collect ashes (be convinced that there is no wind).

You should burn a lot of paper to make enough ink for a simple tattoo.

Mix ashes with water (it difficult, you have to use; ingredients in equal parts that ink has turned out watery, but at the same time stuck to a needle).

Lower a finger in ink as a feather and make a tattoo.


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