Melanie Gray

How To Make A Zine

1. For a start you need to think up a cover for future zine. For this purpose I have applied a cover from the glossy magazine (you can think up own cover with the image) and to mark it this way.

2. After the work done you need to cut out a so-called rigid basis from a dense cardboard 3-4 thick (I have made her 4х3 cm according to the size of the prepared cover and idea of size of future zine).

3. So, during simple work you have received 3 preparations from a dense cardboard, two of which 4х3, and one 4х1. Further paste these "rigid" bases on our cover like this.

4. When our glue dries you have to round edges of a cover on a rigid cardboard, and it has to turn out approximately this way.

5. So, the cover for the zine is ready. Let's start production of pages (do them couple mm less, than a cover of the zine, put 7-8 piles — the number of sheets in 1 pile is 4-5.

6. Sew pages like this.

7. And that's it! Now you need only to paste the ready block from sheets to our cover, and here that has turned out at me.


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