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How To Make A Spoon Ring

Do you think it’s impossible to make an original ring at home? You are mistaken! Apparently, you can find a lot of old waste things that may come in handy. For instance, some old forks, spoons, knives that you haven’t been using for a long time but didn’t get rid of. Here’s an idea concerning how to make an original ring of some old elegant tableware.

You will need the following:

  • Any old forks, knives, spoons with nice handles. This will be the basis of your ring. It will be much better if you got silver ones;
  • A cutter for metal or a hacksaw;
  • Pliers;
  • Sandpaper;
  • A sheet of thin paper;
  • A pen.

Get down to business:

1. First, make a decision about what kind of rings you want to make. You can choose between two types: the one that sort of wraps your finger, or the one that has one end hidden. This is what the length of the billet depends on.

2. At the second stage you are to choose a suitable piece of tableware, which you will make your ring of.

3. Take a paper strip and wrap it around your finger that you will wear the ring on. Mark with a pen the spot where one end of the strip crosses the other one. If you’ve chosen the second type add 6 mm. and put a mark. And if you’ve chosen the first type you don’t need to add anything.

4. Make a billet for the ring using the strip of paper. Cut the handle of the fork with a cutter or a hacksaw.

5. Sandpaper the cut edge of the fork to make it smooth and to prevent yourself from getting hurt wearing the ring.

6. At the next stage you are to bend the billet carefully using the pliers. If the fork is made of silver it won’t be a problem to bend it.

7. You should get something like this in the result.


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