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How To Make Ripped Jeans

The fashion on ripped and shabby jeans exists for not one year. Not only the youth wishing to be allocated but also all those who like eccentricity and originality in clothes likes to wear them.

Such jeans can cost quite much. And it is simple to make holes on jeans also the hands. But don't forget beautifully to change jeans, it is necessary to follow the rule: everything has to be moderately.

Under the place where holes are planned it is necessary to enclose a firm plate for not to cut through a back layer of fabric.

Cuts should be done across a trouser-leg, but not to the edges. Release cross threads, having pulled out part of longitudinal threads.

It is better to make uts not too seldom, so the effect of ripped jeans will be better.

Further it is necessary to clean off with a knife the remains of longitudinal threads, for release cross ones.

Pull out excess threads. It is better to clean all waste at once the vacuum cleaner as fibers quite small as down.

Thanks to holes it is possible to present the second life to old and worn jeans which wanted to be thrown out only.


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