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Guide: How to lace dress shoes with style?

Lace shoes are an undeniable trend for several seasons. Laces can be made of fabric, leather, with brushes or even with pearlescent stones. Such models will fit perfectly both in a business suit and in a romantic outfit. The main thing is to be able to dress properly in style.

If you decide to get a pair of magnificent lacing dress shoes, then you definitely need to know how to fashion and stylishly tie laces on it, because there are a lot of original ideas.

What to start with and what are the classic ways?

Most men are accustomed to the fact that their shoes are already laced by the manufacturer. As a rule, this is a simple way of “Cross-over-the-cross”. Meanwhile, there are a lot of methods of lacing, which will allow you to somehow diversify your masculine style.

The most popular way of lacing oxfords is the classic “Cross-by-Cross”. Its popularity lies in the simplicity of interweaving laces. I think it will “rule the ball” for a long time.

However, we will try to learn something new and learn how to nicely tie laces. For example, lace shoes with the “Direct method” or “Crossover”. Both methods are quite simple and only slightly more complicated than the classic “Cross-on-the-Cross”.

Next, we will learn to tie the laces “Diagonal Method”. This method allows you to lace the shoes equally and correctly on both boots. You can do that in the “Reverse Method” (also called “Military Lacing”), where laces are almost not visible. And the most difficult way is the “Grates” method.

Several the most current way of lacing for a tidy man

Method 1

The traditional way of lacing shoes is called “Cross-on-the-Cross” and even every child knows about it. It is simple, functional and quite versatile. If you are a practical person, this is the best choice for you. The method is time-tested and is suitable for any men's classic shoes.

How to tie?

  • Pull the lace from the inside through the lower openings. Output it out from both sides.

  • Here align the laces to the same length.

  • Take one end and pull it through the next but opposite hole.

  • Do this with the following lace.

  • You have to cross the laces.

  • Continue this simple operation to the top holes.

Features of this kind of lacing:

  • Such kind of lacing is considered traditional;

  • Fairly light;

  • Convenient, does not require much time.

Notes to it:

This method is considered to be the most comfortable and simple, rather because such lacing is external, does not lacing from the inside and does not rub the leg. But such lacing can noticeably mumble the shape of the boot.

Method 2

The next method that helps us to find out how to lace dress shoes is “Diagonal”. It looks fresh and attractive. After both boots are laced, a pretty interesting diagonal drawing is obtained. It can be either identical or mirrored by a pair of shoes.

How to tie?

  • Take the lace in two edges and pass it through the lower openings (one side is inside and vice versa).

  • You’ll notice one part on the shoe (inside) and the other - no. Follow the length (same) again.

  • Next, take the end that will be visible and scroll to the next opposite part (from the outside).

  • The other end (the one that is visible) passes into the next opposite hole (from the inside). Here, the sides change places (the invisible are visible).

  • Continue the operation to the upper holes, alternating visible and not visible side of the lace.

Features of this kind of lacing:

  • looks good;

  • cord easy;

  • It is refined.

Notes to it:

The image looks like a reflection in the mirror of the external and internal lacing.

Method 3

As you can see from the title, after shaking the boot, you will have an interlacing cross (one on top and the other on the bottom). It looks best on boots with 5 or 6 holes on each side. It’s quite an interesting way of lacing, especially if you have classic Oxford. You can easily lace-up oxford with this method.

How to tie?

The first thing to do is determine how many crosses you will get “Over”. If you have 4 openings, then only one full cross will come out. If you have 5 or more openings, it means that 2 or more of these crosses will turn out.

If you have 5 or more holes:

  • Extend the lace on the inside so that both ends come out from the inside. It is important that the laces at this stage be the same length.

  • Then cross the laces and flick in the opposite holes on the outside so that a visible cross is formed.

  • Then do the same thing as in the previous step, only this time you will have an invisible cross “under”.

  • Repeat both previous steps and you must exit 2 visible and 2 invisible crosses (if 5 holes).

Features of this kind of lacing:

  • looks decorative;

  • light and fast;

  • This method reduces the removal of the laces themselves.

Notes to it:

If the boot has an odd number of pairs of holes intended for lacing, it is necessary to start lacing from the inside of the shoe, so that the last stitch in the precaution also comes from the inside.

Now you found out how to tie dress shoes, didn’t you? Many do not even guess that lacing shoes can be different. But believe, an interesting lacing will give the shoes a dear and refined look.

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