Alyssa Watson

How To Make A Sock Monkey

In this article you learn how to sew a monkey from socks. The detailed master class will help you to sew a cheerful toy with one's own hands which can be presented as a gift.


  • socks;
  • threads;
  • needle;
  • scissors;
  • cotton wool or synthetic winterizer;
  • tape;
  • buttons.

The Sock Monkey. Master Class

To make the beautiful monkey, take two socks of suitable color and make on them a marking just as it is shown on a photo.

Cut on lines. If you make it correctly, then blanks for hands, legs, muzzles and bodies will turn out.

Now gradually begin to sew details. When start sewing together of a trunk, leave not sewn up one piece in order that it was possible to turn out a product and then to fill him with a synthetic winterizer or other filler.

Sew ears, forepaws, a tail and a muzzle. Turn out and fill a synthetic winterizer.

After that all details of the monkey need to be sewed with a secret seam. When you sew ears, pull together them at the basis that they have got the necessary form. Sew paws of a monkey at identical distance from ears.

Now you need to make a beautiful muzzle for a monkey. For this purpose you can use buttons or eyes which can be found in shop of accessories. With a thread for knitting stitch a mouth on a muzzle of the monkey.

On a neck of a toy you can tie a bow from ribbons. You can make in addition a beautiful skirt of a fatin for the monkey or an original hat. Decorate a toy on your own taste!


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