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How To Make Balloon Animals

Giraffe Of Balloons

For the giraffe you will need a 4-balloon sausages and one 5-inch balloon.

The basic rule of twisting - All twisting do with one hand and in one direction only, all the time holding the first and penultimate balloon by all the fingers of the other hand — otherwise everything will untwist!

1. Inflate a 5-inch balloon - it is the future muzzle of a giraffe.

2. Inflate a light sausage of 10 cm. Cut the remainder of the end and bind. Twist in the middle, and tie the ends together. These are the eyes. You can make the eyes of the 5-inch balloon: inflate it to a quarter of the volume, tie a knot, then twist in the middle, for two round balloon-eyes would come out. It is necessary to practice and play air in the balloon, chasing air from one part to another and quickly twisting, immediately the same shape and size of the eyes will not come out, but if you have patience, the eyes will come out very nice.

3. Inflate the next sausage, leaving uninflated 15-20 cm.

4. Tie 5-inch balloon and a sausage. Before you tie, put the eyes on a knot of a sausage. After tying they will come up on top of the muzzle.

5. From sausage tied to the muzzle begin to turn ears and the horns of a future giraffe. First, do a big balloon of about 20 cm, bend it in half and twist it, then the balloon by 5 cm and 2 balloons by 1,5-2 cm, again the balloon of 5 cm and 20 cm. The last big balloon twist in half and twist it. The remaining small part is fixed behind the head. What has come out? The head of a giraffe with ears and horns!

6. From the second sausages (leaving too uninflated 15-20 cm) do the neck, body and legs. Twist a small balloon of 1,5 cm, attach it to a head and twist in the form of an ear, put it opposite the balloon that props up the head, that is, in the front under the 5-inch balloon. These 2 balloons just support the head. Now twist a big balloon of 30 cm (neck), then a small of 2 cm and 2 balloon by 10 cm (front legs). Twist the legs together, and a small balloon twist in the form of an ear between the neck and legs. Now comes the turn of the body. Make 2 balloons by 10 cm, twist them together, twist the third balloon of 10 cm and insert it between the first two ones. A body will come out. Cut the remaining part and tie a knot. It is written a lot, but do not be dismayed, this is done easily. The main thing is that the length of the inflated sausage will be enough for all the balloons – if not, you’ll have to re-twist, alas.

7. Take the third sausage. We inflate it, leaving uninflated 20 cm. Twist one balloon of 5 cm (tail), then 2 balloons by 10 (hind legs). Tuck the tail between the body parts and several times twist with the hind legs. Then the tail and legs will hold well. Cut the remaining part of a sausage (you can use it later for other models) and tie up the tail.

8. Draw by a marker a muzzle of a giraffe and the nice spots. Do not be afraid, he will not bite you!


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