Nora Turner

How To Make Easter Eggs

Beaded Easter Eggs

It is a very popular way to decorate Easter eggs. Such an egg looks luxurious and reminds of the widely known Faberge eggs. It is necessary, though, to learn basics of beadweaving to make such eggs. There are special patterns for making beaded paintings.

However, there are easy ways to make such eggs.

Way 1. Apply glue to the egg and roll it in the beads. This technique can also be used to decorate edible Easter eggs: use eggwhite instead of glue and confectionery sprinkling.

Way 2. If you have enough patience, you can make a painting by sticking beads of certain colours one by one with the help of pincers. It is better to use superglue.

Way 3. String beads on a long thin wire, line or thread. Following the spiral pattern, glue the strung beads to the egg. If you use seed beads of different colours, you may get interesting patterns.

Way 4. Another unusual and easy way is to use the following items:

  • seed beads;
  • paillettes;
  • narrow ribbon;
  • tailor pins;
  • foam plastic eggs.

How it is done: String a bead on each pin, then string a paillette on it and attach to the egg. It is more convenient to follow a spiral pattern, placing in turns rows of beads and paillettes and rows of ribbons.


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