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How To Make Slime

It’s a great pleasure to throw a sticky slime and watch it flop into a wall. But it’s even more amusing to make a homemade slime which will look the way you want it. And it’s not difficult to create this sticky wonder with means available at home!

A Sticky «Pet» Or How To Make A Domestic Slime

Beginning to «domesticate» a slime, you need to stock up on the following stuff:

  • Polyvinyl alcohol or fresh white glue;
  • Sodium borate (borax);
  • water;
  • dye-stuff (brilliant green or any other).

How to make a slime of all these elements and where to get them? You won’t have any problems finding water, you can buy some white glue in a store, and you may not add any dye-stuff at all. But where to get some borax? Don’t be scared of its name! You can buy sodium borate at the local drugstore.

So, you got everything you need and you feel anxiety to get into action and create a legendary toy. What’s next? Just follow the steps:

  • put polyvinyl alcohol (a dry powder) into an enamel container and dilute it with water, according to the instruction on the package (don’t dilute the whole amount of it!);
  • put the container on the stove for 45 minutes, stir at a steady pace not to let it burn, and then cool it;
  • put some sodium borate into warm water (you’ll need 1-2 tablespoons of the powder) and wait until the grains break up then filter the blend;
  • put the alcohol and sodium borate together (in the ratio 3 to 1);
  • watch the substance turn to slime;
  • «dye» the slime.


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