Naomi James

How To Make A Toy Box

This project will not take too much time and effort or special skills. The result will be plain as well. But if you want to make something elegant you’ll have to spend a few more hours. And the following option is just for you.

Stage one

  • Cut the top of the box if it has one and level the edge. Strengthen the bottom with duct tape.
  • Measure the box across the bottom as shown in the picture (let’s say you get Х cm). Then measure it along the bottom and along the height of two short sides (the result is Y cm).

Stage two

  • Cut a stripe of cloth Х cm long and Y cm wide. Lay out the piece on an even surface and put the box exactly in the middle of it.
  • Draw 4 diagonal lines about 5 cm long from each box’s corner towards the cloth’s edges. Use a piece of chalk or a marker. Then draw two perpendicular lines from the extreme point of each diagonal line towards the nearest edges of the cloth.
  • Cut out the squares formed by the perpendicular lines.

Stage three

  • Make sure that the box is still in the center of the cloth. Carefully glue one side, take one side of the cloth and stick it to the box stretching the cloth a little. Smoothen the cloth and glue its lose end to the box.

Stage four

  • Do the same thing to the second side. You will finish the short sides at the next stage. Make sure that the box don’t move while you are gluing the cloth to its sides and no folds appear on edges!

Stage five

  • Tuck the edges of the third and the fourth ends of the cloth and glue them to the box. You should see two rectangles equal in area to the sides with no cloth. When the cloth gets dry, glue it to the box just like you glued the long sides.

Stage six

  • Now you only need to sew a case for it to cover the inside of the box.
  • You already got the dimensions in the beginning. Add 8-10 cm to each side and cut out the cruciform detail. Sew the nearest rectangles to each other from the back side to give the case a shape. The front side should stay inside the box. Make a double tuck to the outside and sew the edges.
  • Inset the case inside the box and you’ll see that the edges protrude above the box’s walls. You are to tuck them inside and to fasten them with glue. You can decorate the box with a bow or some applique.


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