Isabel Snyder

How To Make Patches

Being for military or state service, at work or in a scout’s squad, many people wear a uniform with patches as a badge of merit. This article will tell you how to make such patches on a uniform with your hands using a needle with a thread.

The Steps

1. Wash, dry and iron your uniform before the beginning. If your uniform is new wash and dry it at least one time before sawing, otherwise the material will shrink. After the first washing and drying. It is good if you iron thoroughly the place of future patch before you start sawing.

2. Take a sewing needle and thread. Have the thread of the same colour as the uniform or border of the patch.

3. Determine the place where the patch will be sawed.

4. Having fastened the patch with safety sawing pins, try the uniform on to make sure it is located correctly. It will be good, if there is someone with you for help.

5. Use safety pins to fasten the patch in the way you want it.

6. Cut some thread off. If you are not very keen on sawing take the thread fragment 45 cm long. Too long threads get easily tangled and they are much harder to work with.

7. Thread a needle and make a little knot on the end.

8. Stick the needle into the uniform under the patch to make the first stitch. It must be located so that the ends of the thread after the knot were hidden under the patch and do not peep out. Look at the picture below.

9. Stick the needle on the inner side of the uniform having seized the edge of the patch. Stick the needle again having indented 6 mm. you have made your first stitch; further it will be much easier!

10. Keep on making stitches along the edge of the patch, sawing it to the uniform. Take out the safety pins.

11. When you saw the patch on from all the sides, make a little knot on the thread and stretch it between the uniform and the patch. Cut the thread off, indenting 1 cm from the knot. Tuck the thread ends in the patch.


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