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How To Make Duct Tape Bows

Making articles out of duct tape is very interesting. There is nothing more easy than making bows out of the duct tape. They look very beautiful and you may show off your creativeness while making them. You may experiment with different colours and patterns. By reading further, you’ll find out about 2 easy ways to create bows out of the duct tape.

A Folded Bow

1. Take a colourful duct tape. There are duct tapes of different colours and patterns so you’ll be able to find something appropriate for you. You may choose one colour for the main bow and a different colour for the central part of the bow.

2. Cut off 2 strips of the duct tape. The length of the strips should be 15 cm. In order to do it use sharp scissors. Out of the tape of such length you’ll get big bows. If you want to make smaller bows, you may cut off shorter strips.

3. Put the strips on a smooth surface and glue them together by joining their adhesive sides. Be very careful when doing it. The strips should be glued to each other evenly. If you make a mistake, you can cut off the excess edge with scissors.

4. Wrap up the strips of the tape 3 times. While wrapping up the duct tape change the side each time you make a crease. The process is very similar to making a fan.

5. Stick up the center of the bow. Take the wrapped up piece of the duct tape and pinch it between your 2 fingers. Wrap up the center of the folded tape with a different piece of the duct tape of a different colour. Try to not glue your fingers to the bow!

6. Fasten the bow to something. Once you finish making a bow, you may fasten to it anything you like. For example, you may fasten a hair-slide on the back side of the bow. Now you have a beautiful hair-slide that you can wear with anything you like. You also may fasten the bow to the headband or your school bag.

7. Everything is ready.


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