Victoria Thompson

How To Make A Paper Ninja Star

This is a ninja star on a modular origami technique without the use of available tools and glue. To create you will need a pair of square sheets of small size. After making the first star you can easily make them of different sizes. Commonly a colored paper is used, but it is not so important, because later the finished product can be painted.

To begin with we will manufacture the modules themselves, of which subsequently a star will be formed. We fold the sheets in half to produce a bend line. Now you need to fold the edges to the middle, and fold in half. See the photos.

The resulting strips we fold in half and back.

Now be very careful. It is necessary to lay down the corners as shown in the picture, but note that they are opposite to each other.

We fold the bottom part and it should be as shown in the photo:

As shown in the dotted line, we make 4 folds.

First: fold to the left, make good planishing and do the same operation again, but this time to the right.

Just the same we do with the second module. The upper part to the left and the lower to the right.

The first module is necessary to turn to the other side and the other is put on it as shown in the picture:

Next we have a more complex process, but I believe that by following the instructions you will succeed.

This is the ninja star which we have made. There are certainly much more complicated items, but to begin with it is enough. From the first time it will be hard to understand the manufacturing process, but several practices and everything goes with a bang.


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