Isabel Snyder

How To Make Elsa Dress

1. The basis can be a thin white T-shirt with long or ¾ sleeves. And in order to make a colourable corset, you will need a blue fabric, from which you can cut out the necessary form (do not forget about the heart-shaped low neck), and then accurately stitch it on or sew (if you have decided to sacrifice the whole T-shirt for the costume) to the T-shirt. The shining fabric (satin, silk) will make the dress super effective. The iridescent blue corset you can decorate with white or the same blue paillettes.

2. We will cut the skirt out of the same fabric as the corset. As we have already mentioned, you may follow the whole image blindly, but make it a little bit more comfortable for the baby. As for the decoration, try not to go too far. If your corset is fully covered with paillettes, the skirt should better have small patterns and images of snowflakes.

3. The transparent train of the dress is set to be the zest of our attire. Of course, you can choose the easiest way and cut it out of the white or blue chiffon (veiling and so on), and decorate with paillette snowflakes or embroider them in silvery Lurex. But what we offer you is to take pains a little.

So, the basis will be the white chiffon, but you also will need so other light fabric of the blue colour. We cut figured ornaments out of it, and saw them uniformly on the white basis, and further decorate with embroidery of sparkling Lurex.

Do not doubt – such a dress train will look splendid. One more nuance –pay attention that the train is not attached to your shoulders, but streams from the corset. So, you see step-by-step the whole process does not look so complicated. Adding a little bit of imagination and fantasy, you can make truly unique attire.


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