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How To Make Paper Stars

If you want to decorate your house for holiday or just like that and you want to make it with your own hands then the star is one of the elements which will always look great in the room, on stele, chandelier or on a Christmas tree. This master-class will teach you how to make stars with your own hands in many different ways. All of them are pretty simple so everybody will be able to choose what they like best.

What Can We Use To Make A Star

The main material which we can use to make a star with our own hands is paper. You can use cardboard, ordinary paper, thick paper, magazines, old books and newspapers.

How To Make A Three-Dimensional Star From Paper

You will need:

  • printer;
  • thick colored paper;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

1. At First you need to print a blank. To do this you will need to download the templates from this link. There are two sizes of stars in the template – you will be able to make the first one by printing the first page and the larger star by printing the second page (twice) and the third page.

2. Scissor the templates, fold them in spots marked with the dotted line.

3. Glue all the parts, and you will have a three-dimensional five-pointed star!

How To Make Surround A Star With His Hands

You can hang such star in a room (on a wall, window or chandelier) as the interior attribute or use it to decorate a gift.

You will need:

  • thick colored paper (colored cardboard);
  • ordinary pencil;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • thread (ribbon).

1. We need to begin with two sheets of paper each of them should have a square shape.

Each sheet of paper should be folded in half horizontally and vertically. Next you need to fold it two times in the middle diagonally (see the picture).

2. Using scissors make cuts on lines of perpendicular folds. The cuts should be approximately half the line or less. You need to make four cuts like this.

3. Fold the edges like it is shown on the image.

4. Now prepare the glue and brush one side of each beam of future three-dimensional star and glue it (see the picture).

5. Make the second part using the same instruction.

6. Finally, we glue two halves and decorate the way we like.


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