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How To Make A Mesh Wreath

Deco mesh is a kind of colorful, flexible ribbon made of mesh. Due to its flexibility and wide range of colors, Deco mesh is quite popular ribbon, which is considered to be an essential material for numerous crafts. For example, it can be used to create colorful, seasonal wreaths.

To begin with, you need to cut the tinsel into small pieces. You can take the one that you use to decorate your Christmas tree from year to year, if its color is suitable. The length of one piece should be approximately 15 cm if the basis for a wreath is no more than 30 cm in diameter. Tie the tinsel around the whole basis, and then fix the mesh on the basis. You can use a silk thread for it as well.

In the next step you need to gather up some net from the spot where it is fixed, grab 20-25 cm of mesh to create a lush cloud and also fix it on the basis with a thread, it should look like this:

Keep on braiding the basis for a wreath with a mesh each time grabbing 20-25 cm of it, twist the tinsel over the thread that fixes the mesh. If you feel that it’s not voluminous enough then simply grab more mesh, just make sure you have enough material. When the basis will be wrapped with mesh the wreath should look like this:

If you want to leave a wreath like this you can freely hang it on the door, but you can spend some more time and then our wreath will look much brighter and attractive!

This is when we Christmas balls which you can take from your stocks, or you can buy it almost in any hypermarket, choose the ones made of plastic, it ensures the safety for you, young children and pets in case the wreath falls down by accident. The diameter of balls depends on the size of the wreath but anyway, there is no need to use large balls, the diameter of about 4 cm will be perfect.

For gluing the balls it is best to use the glue gun – this will make sure the balls will be fixed tight. If you do not have a glue gun, you can use superglue, but it can cause problems as it is too liquid and may leave marks.


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