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How To Make Paper Beads

Paper beads can be made just in one evening. But you for 100% will be sure that nobody has things like that. Even if someone will make a paper beads according to the same recipe, be sure — this beads will differ very strongly — so that very few people will suspect even the general technology of creation.

So, creations of a paper beads the following things will be necessary for you:

  • old glossy magazines;
  • ruler, scissors, glue;
  • toothpicks, needles or delay;
  • polish.

Paper Beads Is Created This Way

Line the page of the magazine on identical isosceles triangles with height about 30-40 cm, basis of 3 cm long. Depending on what form you want to receive beads, the form of paper preparations will have a different appearance:

Cut out preparations, iron scissors each of them (that they twirled in spiralk a little), thus to you it will be easier to work with them.

Take a toothpick or a wire and start reeling up hardly on it paper preparation, since the wide party. You watch that paper laid down exactly. That the bead wasn't untwisted then, you apply the glue on inside of the reeled-up paper with a thin layer.

When the bead is ready put it aside, without removing from a toothpick. Start making the next beads. When all beads are ready, open them with a varnish and leave that the polish dried.

String beads on a dense thread or on a tape, tying double knot between each bead to record each of them on the place.

On the ends of threads attach fasteners. Paper beads is ready — now it is possible to flaunt!

Good luck in creativity!


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