Bella Howard

How To Make A Paper Mache Mask

For a start we will cut paper and newspapers strips no more than 2 cm wide and no more than 15 cm long. Pieces of other sizes too will be necessary in work, we don't throw out them. The newspaper needs to be moistened in water, that it is a little wet.

Now we need a form for production of a mask. If the form isn't present available, it is possible to make a mask from own face. The plastic bag is put on a face before creation of a form. Then newspaper strips in 3 layers are displayed. They need to allow to dry some time.

After drying of this layer, we continue to create a mask on a face by means of newspaper and paper strips. Further we paste over a mask with fabric rags from both parties. For giving of an equal surface we paste over from above with paper cuttings of different forms. As a result we receive quite volume mask from 2 layers of fabric and 12 layers of paper. Thickness and the size of a mask can be different, it depends on your idea.

After full drying of a mask it is possible to start creation of a form. What form there will be a mask, depends only on your imagination. It is at the edges better to cut off a mask gradually, cleaning on 5-10 mm. It is for this purpose convenient to use stationery knives of the different sizes – wide and narrow.

As a result we receive our preparation.

Contours of a mask need to be pasted over with cotton-paper fabric to avoid stratification of paper in the future. When the surface dries completely, from the face we cover a mask with filling. After drying we smooth out it an emery paper and we cover with acrylic paint.

Now it is possible to do the dressing. After paint dried, we paste on a lace contour. It is possible to apply drawing on the face of a mask, or to paste by means of moment glue application. Blank spaces can be covered colourless with an acrylic varnish. We bore through in the thickness of a mask of an opening and we fix ribbons. The internal surface for convenience can be pasted over with velvet fabric. The Venetian mask is finished!


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