Lilly Ford

How To Make Leg Warmers

Leg warmers are an original accessory, not only the one  bringing stroke in clothes style of a girl but also it is in addition warming thing in cold weather. It is not obligatory to buy leg warmers if you have an unnecessary old sweater. It takes a little time - and they can be made with one's own hands.

The Following Is Required To You:

  • sleeves from an old sweater;
  • 2 buttons;
  • threads and sewing needle;
  • scissors;
  • glue.


1. Cut off sleeves from an old sweater of length necessary to you. Best of all the sweater with elastic cuffs with an elastic band on sleeves that further leg warmers did not slip from feet will be suitable for creation of warmers. It is possible to use not only it is possible to look for an old women's sweater, suitable material for creation of gaiters as well in man's clothes. Optimum length of leg warmers is slightly lower than a knee. Warmers with such length will approach any clothes and footwear.

2. Impose the cut-off sleeves at each other and straighten edges with scissors.

3. Apply glue on the cut-off edge of sleeves that further strings of warmers did not creep away. Instead of glue it is also possible to use colorless nail varnish. Leave before full drying. Also other way is possible- to stitch edges of sleeves that strings of a sweater did not get out at a sock of warmers.

4. For appearance turn outside of edge of the cut-off sleeves. Usually narrower part of a sleeve is used for a knee, and wider - for the lower part of a foot. If you use a men's sweater, most likely the lower part of warmers will be wide. If it does not suit you, put them on, fix pins the necessary width, remove and stitch gaiters threads from seamy side.

5. Pick up suitable buttons. Sew to wrapped up edge of a sleeve outside.


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