Adeline Lawrence

Crochet Leg Warmers

Are you learning to crochet? Would you like to practice and crochet something interesting? It is not difficult to crochet leg warmers. Besides, you can choose any coloring while knitting them. Choose the thread, coloring and length and start crocheting!


1. Choose the thread, color and structure, which will be suitable for you to work with. Buy several thread balls of one or different colors.

2. Select a crochet hook. Choosing the type of the hook depends on what kind of yarn you have chosen. Hook size depends on the thickness of the yarn.

3. Practice on the "draft" and check if the hook is suitable for you.
If the thread is too tight, you may have to take bigger hook.

4. Think about the length of your leg warmers. Try them on the leg and measure the exact length. In fact, the warmers will look like a large rectangle, so it will not be difficult for you to measure them. A long part of the rectangle corresponds to the length of leggings and short – to the width.

Process Of Crocheting

1. Do a slip knot, then do the stitch. A free end should be about 15 cm. The free end of the stitch must hang behind. Insert the crochet hook in the stitch and pull the loose end through the stitch on the reverse side.

2. Do 100 stitches. You can do more or less – it depends on your leg warmers. It can be 28-38 cm in length. Record the number of stitches that you have made to make the same number of stitches for the second leg warmer.

3. Work with the second row – do 10 more stitches.

4. Do 1 stitch, then turn.

5. Do double stitches unless you have reached 10 last stitches. Connect 10 stitches with a single one.

6. Do the first chain, then turn. Remember that the first chain is not a stitch if the stitches are situated on one hook.

7. Grab the first 10 single stitches with a hook.

8. Make half of double stitches, threading the stitches until you reach ten single stitches.

9. Make last 10 single stitches.

10. Complete the first chain, then turn. Continue to knit until the leg warmers reach the desired length.

11. Stop and secure the stitch. You need to stop when the warmer will be wide enough to put the leg in it. Leave 28-38 cm in the end after the last stitch. Bring the hook up to the warmer and pull the thread through the stitch.

12. Use spokes or sewing needles. You can knit right away in both directions from the center. Insert the hook through each stitch starting from the first row.

13. Similarly do the second leg warmer.


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