Riley Phillips

How To Make An Infinity Scarf

Today we will learn how to make a lightweight infinity scarf with snowflakes that serves as a remarkable gift. Scarf can be made of white jersey for the base part and bright tortoise for snowflakes.

Materials needed: white kersey, iron-on hemming tape, snowflake-shaped hole punch, plastic palette, sponge, iron and ironing board.

How to make:

Cut iron-on hemming tape into small pieces and make snowflake-shaped holes using your hole punch.

Place hemming strip pieces with snowflake-shaped holes throughout the scarf. Iron it, press those places where there are snowflakes so that the tape could stick to cloth (it is recommended to set ‘cotton’ mode).

To avoid damaging table surface, put this piece of cloth on a newspaper or some other paper. Mix paints on the palette evenly.

Use a sponge to paint the cloth. Paint it vertically instead of moving the sponge from left to right.

After the painting is done, unstuck the hemming strip and check the pattern.

As soon as the paint dries, connect two ends of the scarf by sewing them together to make a circle.

This instruction can be used to make different scarves suitable for any situation. Scarf colour, pattern and pattern colour may vary.


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