Samantha Sanchez

How To Make A Toga

The toga can prove useful for you for an Ancient Greece party or for a costume of a Greek goddess on the Halloween, and make it is much easier than you can assume.

How One Can Make A One Strap Toga

1. Fold a bed sheet width-wise so that it would be of suited length. Put it against yourself to understand, how to pleat it. The toga should cover you from chest to knees.

  • The toga can be shorter or longer at your option.

2. Wrap the bed sheet around yourself behind. Keep one corner in each hand.

3. Wrap the left corner around yourself one time, then pull it out ahead from behind through the left shoulder.

4. Throw the second corner over the shoulder and tie it to the first one. Tie two reliable knots on the upper side of the shoulder. Adjust the bed sheet from both sides to make sure the toga is firmly fixed and doesn't slip down.

5. Fasten the toga on-the-spot with safety pins.

6. Decorate the attire with a thin wicker belt and/or gold diadem. Match flat brown or gold sandals to it. Go to show off!


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