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How To Make A Maxi Skirt

One can’t imagine a lady’s wardrobe without a light summer skirt. It gives you lightness and saves you from the summer heat, but it also adds much to your appearance. A woman wearing a light skirt flying in the wind draws the attention of people around. It is so easy to sew this piece of clothes, that the task can be accomplished by any girl even if she had never seen a needle.

You will need the following:

  • a piece of cloth;
  • a thin elastic;
  • scissors;
  • a sewing machine.

The process of sewing a simple but very stylish and practical summer skirt can be started from measuring how much fabric you will need. To do this, stand in front of a mirror and having spread the fabric wrap it around your waistline. Cut of the spare cloth. If you want to make a long skirt with a wrapover you will need 40-50 cm. more.

All the measurements are done! As you can see, you won’t need any pattern for it. Now you can start sewing the skirt. Fold the piece of fabric in halves and sew the edges with the sewing machine. If you don’t have one sew it by hand. No doubt, it will take more time but it will not affect the final product.

After you make the side stitch, evert the product. You should get a long wide «tube».

Now you need to process the top of the skirt. Note, that the zipper is not provided, so the girls with wide hips and thin waist should do this using elastic thread. The stitch should be forming a pin-tuck, which is exactly what we need.

After you finished and cut the thread, evert it again. Your «tube» had transformed to a skirt.

If you are satisfied with the look of the waist start making the hem. Fold 0.5-1 cm., stitch it, and iron. An elegant skirt is ready! If you want to hide the elastic you will have to sew a waistband. Cut out a piece of cloth 150 cm. long and at least 50 cm. wide.

Fold the fabric in halves and stitch it. Our detail again resembles a narrow «tube».

Having done processing the side stitch start processing its ends. Evert the detail and fold 2-3 cm.

Close them and sew together.

The only thing left to do is to iron the skirt, to cut all the unwanted threads, to put on the skirt, and to tie the belt.


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