Raelynn Fowler

How To Sew Socks

Home comfort is created by a warm atmosphere, your favorite things, pleasant conversation, and of course, the home jersey and shoes. So you are unlikely to put on slippers on both naughty and very active children, but to ask them to put on unusual and bright socks is quite real. We sew these socks for home of fabric remnants.

It takes the knitted fabric from old tunics or body shirts. You can use as your old clothing so the child’s one.

Take any sock or knee sock which now suits your child. It will serve as a pattern. For the future sock cut out a blank out of a fabric. Make a pair to this sock.

On the wrong side make a single side seam, and if required, and the upper one. If you believe that the sock will be "balling" in the area from the leg to the foot, in this area we can make a fold. It’s up to you. For the socks to hold well, insert an elastic band into the upper part of the sock.

For the little kids who still do not walk you may not insert an elastic band. If you like a home mono style (now it is becoming very fashionable), then sew up such socks for all members of your family.


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