Natalie Gonzalez

How To Make Headbands

In this master class we will focus on the making the headband with flowers and berries.

For the headband with flowers you will need:

  1. Ring of medium width;
  2. The buds of roses (8-10 pcs.);
  3. Beige satin ribbons;
  4. Beads;
  5. Stamens;
  6. Transparent glue;
  7. Scissors;
  8. Thin wire;
  9. Pliers for wire.

To start we separate the flowers from the plastic base, so the flowers will seem much more elaborate than just sticking ready buds to a ring.

We divide them with 2-3 flowers in a bud, cut by pliers the stamens into two halves, string beads on them, and a stamen in turn fasten to the wire.

Thus, we get a nice long and comfortable stamen to work with. Insert the finished center in flower and get lush flowers for a ring.

Now comes the fun part - fixing flowers on a ring. Cut 1-2 m of wire, leave 5 cm from the end of a ring and fasten flower after flower, wrapping each stamen with 2-3 turns of wire.

Now the hardest thing - wrap the ring with ribbon. Brush the end of the ring with the glue, attach the edge of the ribbon to a ring and fold the upper part of the ribbon inside the ring, again brush with the glue above the ribbon and fold the edge of the ribbon, hold for several minutes for the glue to dry up and then start wrapping the ribbon over the ring. It is better to wrap the ring by the ribbon aslant, so you will save the ribbon and your ring will look neat. We cut all ends of the ribbon and gluing them up hide among the flowers.

At this stage of work with the ring there is one small but important nuance - if your ring is thinner than that which I have or the flowers are very close one to another, you’ll need one more ribbon - thinner than the previous one. This is necessary in order to avoid too many folds on the inner side of the ring. And if the flowers are set close one to another, it will be easier to work with a thin ribbon. In such a case we wrap the ring by a wide ribbon to the flowers, and between them - by a narrow ribbon.

And here’s what’s come up.


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