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How To Make A Rosary

A rosary is a catholic series of prayers that Mary, the Mother of God, asked us to pray and a reflection on mysteries of Jesus Christ’s life. Prayers are counted by using threads of beads. Read on to find out how to make your own rosary.

Preparing For The Process

Choose materials you will need. A rosary comprises of a crucifix, 53 beads of the same colour and 6 beads of another colour. The crucifix and beads make up a pattern joined with the help of a sturdy string or thread.

Sort the beads. Rosary beads fall into five ‘decades’, or sections consisting of 10 beads and a small section of three beads. Divide beads into five groups of 10 and one group of three beads. Place them in a separate pile.

Find a cord or thread. Use a ruler and inks to mark a point on the cord that is 15 cm away from its end. Tie a knot at this point to start making the rosary. The knot should be rather big to prevent beads from slipping to another side of the cord.

String The Rosary

String 10 beads on a longer end of the cord. Make sure they are placed one after another and have no chance of slipping to another side of the cord. Tie another knot at the end of the row.

String a bead after the second knot. This bead should differ in colour from those 10 beads we have strung in the previous step. Tie another know right after the bead.

Continue stringing 4 more decades. When you have tied a knot after a bead, string 10 more beads. Tie a knot, string a bead, tie one more know and string 10 more beads. Keep on stringing until you have all 5 decades on the cord except for the last bead. Finish making the last bead row with a knot.

Finishing The Rosary

Tie the ends together. Shape a circle of the beads by tying together two ends after the first and last knots. Now you have a circle of five decades with 2 ends of the cord.

String the last bead and tie a knot right after it.

Tie one more knot to secure beads in place.

Attach a crucifix. Secure it by tying a double knot after you have strung all the beads. Apply transparent nail polish or glue to the knot to make sure it stays in place. Cut the ends of the cord.

Take the rosary to a church to bless it. Before using a crucifix for prayers, it should be taken to a church and given to a priest to have it blessed. Take it to your parish and ask your priest to bless it, and then you can use it or give to someone.


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