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How To Make Friendship Bracelets

Nowadays, friendship bracelets do not lose their relevance, because friendship and love are the eternal values, which you can`t buy. As an accessory, friendship bracelets go well with jeans, bright dresses, and hippy style sundresses, it is good to wear them on vacation.

At this photo lesson you will learn how to plait a friendship bracelet with the "hearts" pattern. This bracelet will fine fit for a present for Valentine's Day or at a memorable date.

Materials for the work:

  • Mouline threads of two colors;
  • Adhesive tape or a board with a clip;
  • Scissors.

How To Plait The Friendship Bracelet

1) Prepare 4 threads of each color of approximately 60 cm long, 8 threads in total. Before knotting threads, spread threads of different colors alternately. Leave the end of approximately 8 cm and knot threads.

2) Fix threads on the board and split them into two groups with 4 threads of two colors in each one. Spread threads in each group in symmetry with respect end wise as in mirror reflection – threads of identical color should be along the edges.

3) Now start interweaving Begin from the left side. With the extreme left thread (this is red one in the photo below), make a ply around the second thread on the left, a knot will result as in the photo. Stretch out the red thread to completely tie the knot. Every time two knots must be made, therefore we repeat everything once more.

4) Continue to spin the red thread around the third thread and fourth thread and so it must find itself in the center. Do not forget to make two knots in a row around the thread every time.

5) Now come over to the group of threads from right. Do the same, but in another direction – from the right to the left. If you do everything right, the extreme right thread, which is the leading one, will find itself in the center. Thus, the 1st row is finished.

6) Make the 2nd row of the binding in the same way. The extreme left and the extreme right threads (of blue color in the photo) will be your leading ones again. After the completion, they will find themselves in the center.

7) Further, you should plait according to the following scheme to get a heart. First, with the second thread from the left (a blue one), make a binding around the extreme left thread. Remember: make two knots every time!

8) Do everything the same on the other side: with the second thread on the right, make a binding around the extreme right thread.

9) Now take again the second thread from the left (now it is a red one) and make knots around the third thread and fourth thread, moving it to the middle.

10) Do the same thing with the second red thread on the right.

11) Now with the second thread from the left (a red one), make two knots around the extreme left thread again. Do the same thing on the right side.

12) Fill the heart with blue color: with the second thread on the left, make knots around the 3rd thread and 4th thread in the direction of the center. The same thing should be done on the right side.

13) Further, make 2 usual rows as you did in the very beginning: the 1st- with the red thread, which closes the heart, the 2nd- with the blue one. After that, repeat again the scheme of the heart plaiting - all the way to the end.

14) As soon as you get the missanga of the needed length, tie all threads with knots and cut extra ones.


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