Natalie Gonzalez

How To Make Soy Candles

It is fun and joy to make candles of soy wax! Another advantage consists of the fact that these candles can be used as gifts that enrapture all others in spite that they are easily and quickly to make. Just some actions - to melt the wax, add a dye, flavor and pour into a form - and the gift is ready!

So, let's begin. Everything is very simple!

We pull out from the container soy wax and break it into pieces. This container is enough to make two candles by 50 grams (regular glass).

Then we heat it in a bain-marie (this is also very simple: pan with water is placed on the fire, and in it is put a smaller container with our wax).

Into the melted wax a wick is thrown for it to get soaked with hot wax.

We take out the wick, put it on the foil, carefully spreading in a straight line, and send in the freezer just for 2 minutes (do not worry, during this time the wax won't harden). Then we put the wick into the wick holder. It is necessary to attach it to the bottom of our glass. How? Drip wax and stick to it. When you fill it, it will melt and won’t be fixed. We make it easier! Glue it with a glue gun!

Then it’s even easier. We throw in the bottom a bit of cardamom or black or red peppers and pour the melted wax. In this case, in the wax is already added the flavor of lemon pie with meringue. But if the wax is not flavored, add flavor (your favorite essential oil, for example). We put a stick under the wick, folded it on the stick, for it not to run away and it should be in the middle. We are waiting for it to cool down!

Here’s what has come up! Let's make the yellow one with the scent of fresh oranges! All the same, we use turmeric only for the color (one third of teaspoon), and a cinnamon stick and a dried orange slice for decoration.

Orange slice in this case is an adorable decoration. I recommend to pull it out before the use of candles or it must be away from the wick not to start burning. Nothing happens to cinnamon, it easily withstands the temperature.


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