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How To Make Beads

Creating own jewelry it can be fascinating for many reasons: you not only realize your creative potential, but also you have a chance to create something completely unique that reflects your individual style. Besides, it is very simple to make beads. Read this article to learn about useful cunnings for beautiful beads.

How To Begin

1. Choose a quiet place where nobody will disturb you. Though it is quite simple to make beads, you need to concentrate on handwork. Choose the quiet and convenient place where you will be able to begin and finish a product, without often distracting from work.

2. Collect the materials for weaving. You need to have all materials near at hand: beads, a thread, nippers, crimps, superglue and calottes for the correct fixing of beads.

3. Define style of beads. Considering the style of the future beads, think about such factor as length. If you like short beads, you can make a necklet or a necklace. If you like long beads, perhaps, you want to make them so long so that they fell down on breast.

4. Choose length. A necklet – is the shortest jewelry on a neck, and the whole length is about 33 cm. The necklace is a little longer – is about 35-40 cm. The longest beads - is a plait, they are more than 115 cm. long. As it has been told earlier, you can pick up your own length and style.

5. Measure a neck girth and then choose the length. Take a tape measure and wrap it around the neck, looking at yourself in a mirror. Try to make a loop shorter and longer, and look what will be more suitable for you more. So you will have an idea of how beads will look on your neck.

Preparing Of The Design

1. Spread out beads on a flat surface, for example, on a table or a school desk. Play with beads until you think up the design which will most of all be pleasant to you. Try different color variations, you can even think of several layers of beads. Perhaps, you want a necklace collar which will be wound around a neck several times, or, maybe, you want one long thread of beads.

2. Put a board for weaving on a flat surface. The board for weaving considerably simplifies the process of threading of beads and instantly improves your design skills. You can use it to measure the length of the beads, without scattering them. If you plan regularly or even sometimes to weave beads, you need to have such board at hand.

3. Add 15 cm. to the length of the beads and cut off a thread (a wire, a cord). For example, if you like to weave a necklace, cut off 56 cm. of a thread (41 cm. + 15 cm.).

4. Prepare 2 crimps, 1 fastener and beads for the beads. You will find advice in the following part how to string beads correctly.

Weaving Of Beads

1. String one bead on a thread. Then pass crimp and one more bead down on 2,5 cm, don’t forget that you don’t transfer your design to a thread yet. These are necessary preliminary steps for fixing of beads.

2. Put through one end of a fastener (with a ring) after a crimp. Then wrap a thread in a loop.

3. Put through the end of a thread into a fastener. Then move a combination of a bead-crimp-a bead and use chain-nosed- pliers (pliers) to clamp a bead into crimp.

4. String beads as you want, in the chosen combination. As soon as you have chosen the design, accurately take one separate bead and put it on a thread. Leave 7,5-10 cm. of a thread from the end.

5. Put through the second part of a fastener and a combination a bead-crimp-a bead. Try to put the free end of a thread into openings of beads under crimpy.

6. Fix crimp on the second end and cut off a thread with nippers. It isn’t recommended to cut off a thread too close to a crimp. If you accurately hide a tail of 2,5 cm. through other beads, you will secure yourself from beads dispersal.

7. It is ready.


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