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Think how much more informative can be a lesson for the children, where they will be able not only to study any new facts, get new knowledge, but also to do with your help some fascinating themed crafts! Perhaps every child is very interested in the enigmatic and mysterious theme of space. Today you will learn how to make crafts on cosmic expanse-theme with your own hands, using simple materials. I am sure that your kid  will really like such bright crafts and they will also help you in mutual educational games!

- a couple of large cardboard rolls and a few small ones
- white paper
- felt pens or paints
- glue

Start with the making  a big rocket airframe - for this, use one long roll or a few medium-sized ones.

Then glue over the  airframe and a tip with white paper. To make your rocket brighter, and attractine to the kid enjoy  - paint it together with felt pens or paints in cheerful colors .

Now glue over the large cardboard rolls with white paper, then glue them to the airframe of the rocket - so you make the nozzles. Glue tips to them as well.

The next step is making of tanks - use small rolls to make them.
Now you just have to decorate your rocket together with your child, and paint it, according to how your fantasy tells you! Have fun!

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