Party Hats Oscars Style

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Parties are always the mood. Even when it is just a small group of close friends watching a movie, the decorations can be so much fun and the memories will be priceless. Today I want to share with you this DIY tutorial on how to make Party Hats styled as Oscars theme. They look amazing and I am sure, will bring a mood to you and smiles on your and your friends faces.

- colored cardstock
- crepe paper
- stickers
- golden confetti
- white glue
- old movie tickets
- clear tape
- party hat template
- pencil
- elastic cord
- scissors

The begging:
Trace the party hat template onto colored cardstock and cut it out. Make as much as you want in different colors.

Hat #1:
Draw a few one-inched circles on it and cover them with a little bit of glue. Put the golden stars confetti on the glue as much as you need until the circle is covered. Let it fully dry.

Hat #2:
Now we are going to make another hat. This one is super simple, you just need to put the circle shaped stickers onto the hat. For the top of the hat cut a 1 x 3-inch piece of crepe paper and fringe one side. Roll the papers into a small tassel and glue it onto the top.

Hat #3:
Use your old movie tickets or get some ticket stickers from your local craft store. You can print out the ticket templates as well. Make a mini fan and tape together on the back. Fold a piece of gold crepe paper on a slight curve to match the size of the ticket fan to make the golden ruffle. When you are satisfied with its shape, tape onto the back of the tickets, and then tape the whole thing onto the hat.

Hat #4:
For a piñata-styled hat assemble the party hat with tape, and then cut a one-inch strip off the end of a roll of crepe paper. Fringe one side, unroll and apply a line of glue onto the party hat, starting at the bottom and spiraling up it. Secure the fringe onto the line of glue, switching colors as desired.

Voila! Your cool party hats are now ready for your guests! Have a great time!



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