Surely you've already heard about the "kinetic sand", which is also called the "living sand". This sand is an unusual and even innovative material, which today is actively used in children's creativity. It looks like a regular wet sand, but it's special, due to the fact that it is dry and, at the same time, we can sculpt any figure with it, and it will keep the shape. It also does not stick to hands, and is very pleasant to the touch. Working with this material develops children's fine motor skills, their imagination and even adults get pleasure while playing with it! Of course, nowadays you can buy the kinetic sand in many toy shops, sections with art supplies and, in fact, on the Internet. But the cost of it is high enough. So what will you do, if you want to give your children all the best and necessary for creative activities and to contribute to the development of their  creativity and attention? 

Today I will tell you and also show, how to make a real handmade "living sand" at home! Have no doubt, the sand that we will get as a result, is no different from that, we can find in stores! And its making will take you only a few minutes! Do you already have a great desire to try it as soon as possible? 

Then let's begin!

For making this magic kinetic sand at home you will need:

- 4 cups of clean sifted sand
- 2 cups of starch
- 1 cup of water

The process is very simple. You just need to  mix all the ingredients properly and the real kinetic sand is ready! If your product dries out a bit, you can add a little water after crumbling it with your fingers. Have fun!

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