Nicole Ruiz

How To Make Flower Pens

For making a big flower from a crepe paper for the pen it is required to us:

  • crepe paper (at least three colors);
  • handle/pencil;
  • scissors;
  • an adhesive tape of green color (it is possible to use also usual);
  • glue.

How to make a simple flower from paper with one's own hands

1. Begin with paper of yellow color. Cut out a small square and cover the top part of the pencil or the handle, having bent edges and having fixed them by an adhesive tape of green color.

Cut out a rectangle of the same color and from one its side make a fringe. After that wrap up around the top part and also fix by an adhesive tape.

2. From a pink paper (in this case, but it is possible to pick up any other color) cut out five petals of one and six petals of a little bigger size (in the presented master class it is 4 and 6 cm respectively).

Pull the center of each preparation in different directions a little. Then it is possible to turn out a few edges outside, using for this purpose a pencil or a wooden skewer.

3. Arrange all small petals on a basis, scrolling every time a pencil and having fixed all five preparations by an adhesive tape.

After that similarly fix big petals. In this case it is desirable to use an adhesive tape after 1-2 preparations.

4. Cut out a rectangle from paper of green color (in this case 2,5×7,5 cm).

Put it in half, then more and more, until you receive a narrow rectangle (about 1 cm). Cut the upper edge, as shown in the image 3.

Thus, preparation for a flower cup has turned out: wrap up it around the prepared design and fix by an adhesive tape, but this time pass on all length of a pencil or the handle.

5. At last, cut out a long rectangle of green color for future stalk of a flower from paper and wrap up with it all surface of a pencil. Fix both edges by a drop of glue or a bilateral adhesive tape.

A charming flower for writing and drawing is finished.


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