Liliana Gibson

How To Make A Tissue Paper Flower

1. Lay one on the top of the other sheets of thin paper of red, orange, yellow, pink or gold color on your table. You can add layers, if you want your poppy flower to look thicker.

2. Place on the top of the pile a round plastic lid from a container of margarine or cottage cheese . Outline the lid with a pencil, then use scissors to cut out the circle.

3. Lay one on the top of the other sheets of thin black or brown pack paper on the table. Use a small cup or other object with a diameter of about 5 cm (2 inches) as a template. Outline the circle and cut it out.

4. Put small black circles on the pile of big circles. Pierce the green brush for a smoking pipe through the center of the pile. Leave approximately 2.5 cm (1 inch) of the brush. Form a hook out of the remaining piece of the brush, then pull it through the paper to hide the hook in the flower’s petals. Apply some glue into the center of the poppy.

5. To make a poppy out of crepe paper, try to spread it first. Put the poppy in a vase or other decorative container. To create a new flower, repeat all the steps.



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