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A Simple Flower Out Of Paper

Make Rose Petals Out Of Paper

It is very easy to make paper rose petals.

1. Fold the square diagonal wise and unfold it.

2. Fold the bottom to meet the crease line.

Turn the piece.

3. Fold the bottom to the diagonal line.

Done. You should get this detail: one corner in, the other - out.

Just twist the top and the rose petal is ready.

Assemble An Origami Rose

This rose can be made with two or three layers of petals. In the first case you will need eight pieces, in the second -15.

The first row of petals.

Glue together three petals to make the first row. More details in the video tutorial in the end of the article.

Apply a drop of glue on the left angle of one petal and on the right of the other.

That’s it.

It should look like shown on the photo. Now connect the first and the third petals.

Then, form a rose bud out of these petals. This step is shown in detail in the video, starting from the 3d minute.

Make a second row of petals.

To make it, connect five petals. First, apply some glue on the top. Then, turn the petals on the other side and connect them at the bottom.

This is how look five petals connected from the both sides - the inside.

The outer side.

Make a circle out of them.

Repeat, to make the third row out of seven petals.

Now, you’ve got three rows.

Connect them together to get a nice DIY origami rose. You can make a gorgeous bouquet with origami roses and present it to your loved one.

As you can see, it is not difficult at all to make an origami rose. Everyone can do it.


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