Alexa Peterson

How To Make A Volcano Model

Creating a volcano model and making it erupt is a funny science experiment that teaches children about chemical reactions. There are several variants of this experiment. You can make a volcano of dough, foam or paper mache. The eruption of the volcano can be made with the help of soda and soda water.

1. Buy 2 liters of soda water.

2. Make a tray of cardboard and cut out the hole in it with the size of a two-liter bottle.

  • Take a thick cardboard to make the tray.
  • You can also add up a few pieces of carton together for a stronger foundation.

3. Put the bottle in the carton. Cover the bottle with aluminum foil on top.

4. Buy a bottle of insulating foam against cracks. The spray which solidifies after application will be the best variant.

  • You can try «Great Stuff Insulating Foam Sealant».

5. Apply the spray around the bottle to make a mountain. Once you build up a base, let it dry.

6. Paint the dried foam when it hardens.

7. Unscrew the cap of the bottle with soda water. Place a small piece of paper on top.

8. Make a cylinder from another sheet of paper. Put there 4 «Mentos» candy dots.

9 Prepare your viewers for the eruption. Quickly remove the paper from the neck of the bottle. The candy dots will drop into the bottle, and the eruption begins.

  • Porous surface of «Mentos» cause the rapid formation of carbon dioxide. This chemical reaction produces foam.
  • Remove the bottle from the bottom, insert a new bottle and repeat the experiment.


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