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How To Make Floating Candles

Floating candles look very beautiful in a glass with a couple of flowers in it. It is very easy to make these candles at home and, besides, you may add a flavour you like the most to them!


A candle should have a V-form, the upper part of it should be much more wider than its base.

You may use candlesticks as molding frames if you can’t find any appropriate molding frames. Show off your creativeness while choosing a molding frame. Don’t forget that the molding frame should be so that the candles will be able to float.

You’ll need:

  • Paraffin;
  • Essential oil;
  • A molding frame for candles;
  • A candlewick;
  • Steam cooking chamber;
  • A wooden spoon.


1. Melt the paraffin on a water bath.

2. Add the essential oil and mix the melted paraffin. You do it with the help of the wooden spoon.

3. Put the molding frame on a flat surface. Carefully and slowly, pour the paraffin into the molding frame. It is important that you do it slowly. This way you’ll avert the forming of air bubbles.

4. As soon as the paraffin starts to solidify, set a candlewick in the middle of every candle. Gives the candles time to fully solidify.

5. Take the candles out of the molding frames. Pour a bit of water into an utensil and put there the candles.

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