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How To Decorate A Coffee Table

I assume, many people would agree that a sofa and a coffee table are the center of almost every living room. It is some kind of focal points that we always pay attention to entering the room. Let’s start with the objects that are most commonly used as a coffee table decor:

1. Books

For sure, it is the most available and simple but still very peculiar piece of décor. Pick nice books with hardbacks that represent your interests and pile them from the biggest to the smallest. These may be some bright specimens that add color to the living room, or some neutrally colored books to maintain the peaceful atmosphere of the room. You can use magazines instead of books. Above all, such decoration can entertain your guests while you are fixing drinks and snacks. Often some decorative object or a vase with flowers may be placed on the top of the pile.

2. Flowers

As I see it, flowers is one of the most important elements. You may choose any composition with flowers from small freshly cut peonies in a pretty vase to tall orchids in pots, or even non flowering plants. The thing is that there will be something fresh on your table. Flower can renew any space.

3. Candles

They will create an easy festive atmosphere of romance and comfort. Candles can really change your mood. Pour yourself a glass of wine (or make a cup of tea) after a long working day, turn off the lights and light the candles. Voila! It is a great addition to a coffee table. You may use tall candles in elegant holders, aroma candles, or even a whole composition of candles of different size.

4. Decorative accent

This is what you like. More than one thing may be the decorative accent (the point is to position them harmoniously). For example, it may be some large object that you brought from your trip, or a knick-knack that is of some sentimental value for you. The point is that these elements recall pleasant memories in your mind and make you smile because you are going to see them all the time. I am sure, that you can find a lot of thing of that type. Anyway, pick only the ones that are most original and peculiar in their shape and texture in order to catch the eyes of your guests and become the talking point.

6. Found objects

Let some found objects add a piece of nature to your space. Some shells from the beach, corals, some finished snags, dry flowers, cones, and whatever. If you live in a loud city, this will be like a breath of fresh air and a reminder of sea and forest scenery.

Of course, you can apply anything you want decorating your coffee table. These are the most common elements to use that you can apply separately or in combinations.


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