Annabelle Nguyen

How To Make A Scarecrow

Making Procedure

1. Assemble the frame. Attach the 150 cm stick on top of the 180-240 centimeter stick, handle of a rake etc. It will be the shoulders of the scarecrow. Attach a short stick with a bolt, twine or hot glue.

2. Put on the shirt. Dress up a scarecrow in an old plaid shirt, threading a horizontal stick into the sleeves. Button down shirts, and then tie the sleeves. Tie the bottom part with string or wire.

3. Tamp the shirt. The straw, hay, leaves, grass clippings, wood chips or rags will be suitable.

- Do not use newspaper for tamping, as the rain will make your scarecrow raw and formless.

- You can use more padding to make a scarecrow with a tummy, if you want.

4. Put on coverall. Make a hole in the seat of the overalls to thread the stick. Put on the overall on a stick and throw the harness over his shoulders. Tie the trouser legs with string or wire. Fill the legs of the coverall with the same material that was used for packing shirts.

5. Make the hands. The old-fashioned scarecrows have sleeveless shirt from a straw sticking out, but, to make a more realistic human form, you can use the old working or gardening gloves. Fill the gloves with the packing to keep their shape, tuck in their shirts and secure the ends with wire or twine.

6. Make the feet. Thread the leg in an old work boot or other footwear. Secure it with the rope (it is necessary to be sewn in each component) or hot glue.

You can also try to apply double-sided tape to fasten the boots.
It does not matter which method you choose - just do it carefully so the boots will not fall.

Making The Head

Use pumpkin. First of all, choose a nice, round pumpkin. Cut a large, round hole in the top of the pumpkin (around the stem) and remove the innards. Cut on a pumpkin the facial features with a sharp knife. Push pumpkin on the scarecrow's neck and secure it with glue or adhesive tape if necessary.

Finishing Touches

Create frightened facial features on the scarecrow. You can do this by using an infinite number of materials. Decide how your own scarecrow will look like: smiling and happy or gloomy and menacing.


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