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How To Make Felt Flowers

It’s not important whether you’re unfortunate with flowers or you just want to have a little corner with flowers inside your house. The thing is that you can easily make flowers out of felt. You’ll have a lot of fun in the process. If you continue reading this article, you’ll find out how to make a bouquet of various felt flowers.

Felt Roses

Take felt. In order to make felt roses you’ll need to cut out big, round pieces of felt. Choose the colours you like. You can use different shades of green in order to make leaves.

Cut out a piece of felt. In order to start making a rose you’ll need to have round pieces of felt. It’s not necessary for these circles to be ideally round. Cut out a round piece that is from 10 to 25 cm in diameter. The diameter depends on the size of the rose you want to get in the end.

Make a spiral. Using scissors, cut off your spiral-formed circles. Start from one end and move spirally along to the center of the spiral. Once you finish doing it, make the edges of the circle wavy.

Roll the spiral up. Starting from the outer edge, begin roll the spiral up inside. Squeeze the base of the spiral. This way you’ll get the base of the rose. Once the spiral is rolled up to the end, it should look like a rose.

Fasten the rose. Turn the rose over and using a needle with a thread stitch up the spiral. On one end of the thread tie a knot and make several stitches. This way you’ll fasten the spiral pieces to one place. Tie a knot on the other end of the thread. Everything’s ready!

Felt Lilac

Choose felt. In order to make a bouquet out of such like flowers you’ll need to make a lot of small felt lilacs and fasten them on one single felt base. This way the flowers will look like real lilacs. In order to make the bouquet look even more genuine use lilac felt and lilac threads.

Cut out the template. In order to make the flowers you’ll need to have a lot of small circles. Cut out 5-15 circles. They should be 2,5 cm in diameter. You’ll also need to cut out one big circle. It will serve as a base. The size of the circle depends on the number of sprouts you’ll make. However, keep in mind that the circle should be big enough in order all the small circles fit there. The edges of this circle should not be noticeable.

Cut out the flowers. having cut out the circles, you may now start making the lilac flowers. Cut out a rounded «+» on each circle. The sign should look like a bud of the flower. Try using more of the circle and cut off less cloth.

Stitch the buds up together. Put the small lilac flowers on the big round circle of felt. Using a needle and threads of the matching colour, stitch the end of each flower to the base. You should be cross-stitching. Arrange the flowers so that they overlap each other. This way the bouquet will look more beautiful and genuine.

Finish working on the lilac bush. Having finished stitching up all the small flowers, tie a knot on the thread from the underneath and cut off the rest of the thread. If you wish, you may add some more flowers. If you don’t wish to do so, you may just admire this beautiful lilac bouquet.


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