Emily Davis

How To Draw A Building

In this section, I will show you how to draw a house step by step. You can draw it by hand, looking at the computer monitor or print out this page to get more detailed instructions on each step.

Follow the red line in each illustration to find out exactly what to draw in this step. The lines from the previous steps gray. I will show you illustrations of each step, and then will give a description of how to draw it.

1. Prospective lines.

Draw the basic structure of the house, using the rules of perspective. Trace a vertical line through the center to show where is the upper part of the roof.

2. Draw the structure.

Draw windows, garage doors and the front door. Trace a line at the bottom of the house and garage’s roof. Add a double line going from the top of the roof to the right corner of your house.

3. Windows and doors.

Refine windows and doors, as shown in the picture. Add shrubs. Draw a road.

4. Rows of bricks.

Using perspective rules, evenly trace all the lines of the house.

5. Details.

Add short vertical lines around the house for bricks. Draw slanted lines on the roof of the house and garage. Your drawing is finished! Even if you don't succeed the first time, keep practicing until you are satisfied with the result.


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