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How To Make A Brooch Bouquet

A lot of people are crazy about brooch bouquets because they look so beautiful and so unique. Making a brooch bouquet is a very hard work. In case you want to make such a brooch with your own hands, this masterclass is just for you.

In order to make such a bouquet you’ll need:

  • brooches (approx. 80 brooches);
  • floristic adhesive tape;
  • wire;
  • duck-bill pliers;
  • artificial flowers;
  • glue (you’d better take a glue gun);
  • a satin ribbon;
  • safety pins.

1. Before you start making the bouquet, you need to clean the brooches. In order to do it you can use soapsuds and an old toothbrush. Having cleaned the brooches, you need to dry them thoroughly.

2. Using the wire, we make a stem for each brooch. Here you may need duck-bill pliers. However, for some people making a stem with their own hands may be easier and more convenient. Keep in mind that the process of making stems is slow and painstaking since you’ll have to make 80 stems. Since each brooch is different, for each brooch you’ll have to come up with a different way to fasten the wire.

3. Having made the stems, you need to wrap the floristic adhesive tape around them. This way the wire will be concealed.

4. Now you need to detach the petals from the artificial flowers. Using a glue gun, you need to fasten 2 petals on the bottom of each brooch. This way you’ll make a sweet background for the bouquet.

5. Now we start arranging the flowers in a bouquet. This may be very hard and slow. That’s why you shouldn’t be disappointed if in the process of the work you have to change the location of a “flower” for several times. Your main aim is that the bouquet should look balanced and nice. Firstly, try arranging 3-5 brooches and fasten them tightly with the adhesive tape, The brooches shouldn’t dangle, they should be fastened tightly to one place. Go on adding the brooches to the future bouquet. Keep on adding and fastening from 3 to 5 brooches. Pay attention to the form of the bouquet. It should be of a “sphere-like” form. You may add a couple of artificial flowers to the bouquet so that it not only consists of the metal articles.

Try fastening the stems with the adhesive tape closer to the base of the bouquet. On the following picture, you can see the way the petals are fastened to each brooch. Having finished arranging the bouquet, align the stems. The stems should be on one and the same level.

Now we need to wrap the satin ribbon around the stem of the bouquet. You need to start from the upper part. We also need to cover the base of the bouquet. We do it the following way: using a separate piece of the ribbon, we cover the lower part of the stem. Then, we tightly wrap the ribbon around the stem and fasten the ribbon with safety pins from the bottom. If you wish, you may add some other accessories to the bouquet. For example, beads or a pendent.

Your bouquet is ready! Be ready that the bouquet may turn out to be very heavy. On the wedding day, you may get tired of keeping in your hand such a unique but heavy flower arrangement.


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