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How To Make Paper Flowers

You can make a great number of various paper flowers.

Considering the fact that paper may be of different types (ordinary, coloured, thin, crinkled, etc.) you can create countless number of bouquets of various shapes and colours.

You can decorate your house, your table, or give the flowers to someone close to you.

Here is a few lovely flowers that you can make of paper:

How To Make Some Paper Flowers: We Use A Coffee Filter

You will need:

  • coffee filters;
  • floral wire;
  • pliers;
  • water-colours.

Instead of coffee filters, you can use circle-shaped pieces of crinkled paper (or any other thin paper).

1. You will need 4-8 coffee filters for one flower depending on how lush you want each flower to be.

2. Pile up all the filters, fold them in halves, fold them once again and one more time.

3. Cut the corners to shape the future petals. You may cut the corners wavy, e.g. try to experiment with shape.

4. Put a half of the filters aside and clip a little more (4-5 cm) from the other petals; the bud will look more natural if you make the middle filters a bit smaller.

5. Open all the filters and put them on an even surface (small ones over the big ones). Pick the wire from below through the center of all the filters. Pass it through the middle, bend it and then pick it through the paper again. Leave about 5-6 mm between the two holes.

Curl up the wire from below to fasten it

6. Start pressing the paper with your fingers winding it up a little. Do the same steps with each filer.

7. Curl up the wire around the bud's body.

8. Wrap it around with green duct tape starting from the bud's body and moving up to the end of the wire.

You can easily paint the filters – they perfectly absorb water-colours. You may use a few colours.

* You may paint the filters either before the job or after you prepared the petals.

* Just dilute the water-colours or some food colouring in water and dip the paper (flowers) in it.


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